Navajo Nation Bar Association, Inc.

Annual Conference

June 09-10, 2016

Sheraton Uptown

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Reduced registration fees are available for the 2016 NNBA Annual Conference upon timely registration. Reduced rates for lodging at the Sheraton Uptown Hotel are also available online: http://www.starwoodmeeting.com/Book/NNBA. Or call (800) 325-3535 to ask for group NNBA, Promo Code NF06AA. See details in Annual Conference registration form which can be downloaded by use of the link below.


FINAL Agenda 2016 NNBA Conference

NN Customary Law by Bidtah Becker

James Mason Presentation 2016 NNBA Conf

2016 NNBA Conference Presentation by MWigton

Judicial Conduct Commission 05 26 16 2016 Bar Conf

2016 Federal Update by Paul Spruhan

Ofc Leg Council NNBA update 2016 Conf

23rd NNC Council Action with highlights Levon Henry

Legislation of Interest for NNBA presentation 2016 Levon Henry

23rd NNC Leg complete (2) with highlights Levon Henry

Ed Dobson Navajo Courts - Clan Children as Foster Children for EIC - 2016-06

REVISED LaVelle NNBA presentation 2016.ppsx

Justice Austin American Indian customary law in tribal cts

NNBA Annual Conference 2016 Justice Austin's interpretations

Justice Austin Navajo Fundamental Laws 2002

Justice Austin Navajo choice of law statute

Bios for 2016 presenters
BIO Bidtah Becker

BIO James Jay Mason

BIO Professor Jennifer Denetdale

BIO Richard Feferman

BIO William Thorne Jr.

Ed Dobson bio-sketch 2016-06

Justice Austin Bio

LaVelle bio

Zuni Cruz bio

Navajo Nation Supreme Court Pleadings
Appellant's Opening Brief

NNBA CLE Committee Annual Status Report April 2015 to April 2016

Response Brief of Appellee the Navajo Nation

Response to Law and Order Committee's Amicus Curiae Brief

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Albuquerque, (NM) Downtown

DISCLAIMER - The Navajo Nation Bar Association, Inc., is a professional association with members. The Bar Association as such does not provide legal services or make statements or representations as to the law or individual legal rights. For legal advice or representation, please contact an attorney or advocate admitted to the practice of law on the Navajo Nation.

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